“Daughter” ((in A))

by richardjuckes

I went out to see my daughter rolling in the snow
She was two years short of twenty and I thought she didn’t know
How fetching she looked
When her skin was all aglow
As everybody knows who saw her
Rolling in the snow

I told my fair young daughter she shouldn’t really go
Out into our garden a’rolling in the snow
She answered it made her
Body all aglow
To know the neighbours watched her
Rolling in the snow

I asked my lovely daughter if she didn’t mind to show
So much to the neighbours when she went rolling in the snow
People she told me
Had a strong desire to know
The secrets of her body
Rolling in the snow

And there were all the neighbours standing in a row
Looking at my daughter rolling in the snow
With cameras and notebooks
They let everybody know
The beauty of my daughter
Rolling in the snow