A rune tune

by richardjuckes

This sign, O_O , doth here represent the baffled silence
of one particular english language learner:

Yeah, I use runes .. O_O
Runes! .. O_O
Runes? .. O_O
Runes are .. you have this bag, and in this bag
Are stones. And on each stone
Is a rune! .. O_O


I knew she’d never be a teacher, although she’d still want to try.
So I hid my face and wondered, should I laugh or should I cry.
Didn’t anybody tell her, didn’t anybody say?
All day smoking marihuanna, slowly sweep it all away.
So I had to quit the country, run and leave it all behind.
I swear I tried my best to help her, I didn’t mean to be unkind.

And so on.