First running post

by richardjuckes

Running is important to me. My sandles are on the verge of falling to
pieces. I’m trying to do a more barefoot but my bigtoes seem to cramp
in a little and crush the next poor pinkie, so I get a nice blister on
the pad and there’s also a bruise under one of the nails. I did manage
a 6’12 mile on Sunday though. Man! I was hungry afterwards. I can’t find
the magnet for my Catseye – no more numbers to play with for the weekday
runs on the pavements. The shorter run is up and round the “river”.
Takes about 20 minutes I think. The longer one is along the front, over
one bridge onto the island and back down past the fishmarket and the
high school. Poser. That’s about 40 minutes.

The Pose Technique has made a lot
of difference recently, although I only dip into the articles, find
ideas to play with. These weeks, I’m thinking that the littletoe touches
the ground first, but that may change.

The current bunch of aphorisms, to help me through the miles …

* Running is, ummm, ancestral, is that a good word?
* Barefoot is the natural way.
* If something is hurting, I’m doing something wrong,
* which is not always doing too much.
* Don’t allow myself age-related excuses.