The Dioxin Blues

by richardjuckes

Four chlorines on two benzene rings
again, four chlorine two benzene ring
four chlorines on two benzene rings
(not knowing they dance in the colour’d light)
four chlorines on four chlorines on
two benzene rings and here we can eat the rats
eat the plastic
and we sustainably use
oh so organicalically
their sweet shit to fertilize these oh so
lovely bright green veggietables (not knowing
in das collar’d light day dance) we eat.

The owl in spectacles, a strange receptacle, for love.
The owl, spectacled, strange strange strange receptacle,
for love four chlorines, for love, four chlorines …

the claws swing round you as you dream
the crabs are bitting you you scream
the claws swing round and round you you dream
crabs bitting you bitting you you scream