These are my poems. Some are old and some are new, hot of the press.
There’s a bit of prose too, but generally I’m too impatient.

Which ones do you like?
… leave a comment, why not.

Sometimes ….

We eat passion fruit, mostly the white fleshed ones, but sometimes
those with red flesh, which are slightly sweeter. Outside they both
look the same. Fire Dragon Fruit for the late summer, oranges for
winter. The ghost chews its knuckles in the corner and the aloe vera
flourish on the veranda, motorbikes passing below. The bell of her
bike, back with a friend. It will take them a minute or two to climb
the concrete stairs. The ghost does happy backflips, juggling space
and time to avoid the tea set on the sideboard. Green tea, dragon
teapot, stainless steel filter and glasses which I should wash.